Classroom of the Future Is Virtually Anywhere

"Welcome to the brave burgeoning world of online education. It’s a world most of us, whether we like it or not, will have to grapple with, as students, tuition-paying parents or employees. Nearly 3.5 million college or graduate students, one of every five, took at least one online course last fall, double the figures of five years earlier.(...)

Online courses may not be suited to subjects like laboratory science or theater, but can work fine for the nut-and-bolts information and analysis required in a history survey or for the editing needed for a basic writing course."
Um artigo interessante no New York Times.

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Fátima André disse...

Acho que as TIC podem ter um papel muito importante no processo ensino aprendizagem!
Gostei muito deste espaço.
Prometo voltar com um pouco mais de tempo para explorar melhor.
Fátima André

aj disse...

Então estamos de acordo, Fátima.
Obrigado e volte sempre.