Links da semana (weekly)

  • "Lá porque os pões em grupo, não quer dizer que trabalhem em equipa"...
    Um artigo sobre os 5 elementos básicos para uma aprendizagem cooperativa.

    tags: cooperation, learning, pedagogy, teaching

  • Uma lista de 100 ferramentas Web segundo os diversos "estilos de aprendizagem".

    tags: web2.0, tools, learning

    • Mindomo: Premium versions of this mind mapping tool come at a cost, but you can get access to the basic version for free. It allows you to add links, pictures and text to mind maps and share them over the net.
    • Moodle: Post and share podcasts with an interactive online community using Moodle. You can not only post your own podcasts but get access to those of others that could provide educational value to you.
    • Put your notes or classroom information into an audio format with these handy apps.
    • Bookmarking
    • These chatting and networking tools can make it easy to interact with classmates and friends.
      • JotSpot: Working in a group just became easier with this online wiki tool that allows students to share notes, project ideas and information in an easily accessible format.

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