Can online learning be as effective as classroom learning?

O Edutopia, já aqui referenciado, colocou há alguns dias um inquérito online em que a pergunta é a seguinte: "Can online learning be as effective as classroom learning?"
Além das três hipóteses óbvias de resposta - Sim, Não e Talvez - permite-se que o respondente escolha "nenhumas das anteriores" e diga porquê na zona dos comentários. Eis alguns excertos desses comentários:

"The industrial model of education is on it's way out. It never did server learners need but was designed more for the convenience of the providers at the time. Now we can do better with technology and support true learning."

"Younger students definitely need that face-to-face interaction to not only learn materials from content areas, but also how to interact appropriately with other people."

"It is impossible to replace in-person interaction and experience. Learning online is valuable, but is not a complete substitute. I want my kids to learn how to be together and interact with people individually and in groups, real, live, and naturally, as well as in online scenarios."

"Now, as I complete my doctoral degree in educational leadership through an online program, I am more convinced than ever that online learning can be effective, challenging and greatly rewarding."

"Online learning opens many doors for some learners. They can be engaged and learning 24/7. This is great if the technolgy is working and the student is self motivated or engaged."

"While the convenience and offerings that online classes can provide could not possibly be matched in a conventional classroom, the social interaction with your fellow students and the instructor can be invaluable and (I believe) essential for some topics."

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