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  • Participação de Benjamin Zander numa conferência de líderes escolares...

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    • Talking to headteachers at a conference organised by the National College of School Leadership, Zander explains why we should stop listening to the negative voices in our heads and give ourselves and others an A-grade.

    • He urges people to think positively and be open to possibilities. He argues that we spend too much time and energy being weighed down by negative thinking and downward spirals.

    • The secret, he says, is to try to live in possibility, and not to take yourself too seriously.

  • Catálogo da NASA com imagens do espaço.

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  • Para um bom desempenho no trabalho, a motivação interna é muito mais eficaz do que as recompensas financeiras...

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    • A host of experiments have shown that when threats and rewards enter the picture, they tend to destroy the inner drives.
    • Beliefs about the utility of rewards and punishments in motivating human behavior are deeply ingrained, and most people don't know that more than 100 research studies have shown that motivating people in this manner can have the unintentional effect of undermining their internal drives.
    • External rewards and punishments are counterproductive when it comes to activities that are meaningful -- tasks that telegraph something about a person's intellectual abilities, generosity, courage or values.
    • It is easy to offer a reward, but it is not easy to help people find their own motivation.
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